To everyone at Athelon,


We just want to say "Thank You" for the outstanding service you provided to us.  Everyone was so helpful and always pleasant.  You are an A+ company and you provide A+ service!  We will recommend you to everyone we know.


We called three companies for quotes on a radon mitigation system and all were very comparable in price, but we chose Athelon solely on our first impression from the initial phone call and the great person who answered the phone.  She was friendly, informative and professional.  The second call to the installer was just as awesome.  You are a great team!  You worked around our schedule, you were on time and took the extra steps needed to keep our home clean as you went in and out during the installation process, and it was greatly appreciated.


You provide the most exceptional customer service, and because of you, we are happy customers!


Thank you!


Steve & Beckie Palmer

When I deal with a company that is not only friendly and pleasant to talk with but also punctual and prompt with reports, I just have to say, "Great job, well done."  Loved working with your staff and wish there were more businesses that perform as well as you have.  Dan and Laura were a joy to work with. 

Thank you so much.


We recently needed the services of a radon mitigation company.  My first call was to Athelon.  I was so impressed by the customer service from that call that it was my only call.

From that point through installation and post-installation testing, I was never disappointed.  Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable, and made the process very easy.

I would definitely recommend Athelon's services, if you require radon mitigation.


I just wanted to let you know that I thought the radon mitigation system that you installed at my home recently was very professionally done.

I was particularly impressed with the care you and your guys took with keeping the carpets and flooring clean.  I think the floors were cleaner after you left than before you started!!

I also appreciate the effort you took in working with us on the routing of the exhaust pipe by working around existing appliances, minimizing noise, and keeping the cosmetics as neat and professional-looking as possible.

In general, the installation was well done and I would be happy to supply a positive reference should you need one in the future.


I wanted to commend you on the incredible customer service that you provide!

You always called back the same day I called (it is hard to get businesses to do that these days).  Dan was very personable and treated me like he appreciated my business. 

Keep up the good work!


Thank you, Laura.  You are wonderful.  Made me feel much better about the radon.

Thank you, Dan.  You and your helpers did a wonderful job and left it cleaner than it was. 

We are so very happy with the results.  Amazing.  Will definitely be spreading the word.


We were in the process of selling our house and found out that we had slightly high levels of radon.

My husband made a call to Athelon.  He found them to be very professional and extremely easy to work with.  He commented to me several times how efficient and pleasant Laura and Dan were.

Our experience with Athelon was very positive and we would highly recommend them!

Lynn & Mike Herber


Thanks so much for all your hard work and coordination!  This was a great experience for us that went really well.  We will recommend you to anyone who needs your services!

Thanks again!

The Ostrengs

Hi, Dan and Everyone,

Thanks so much for the excellent job you did installing our radon system!

We are impressed with the top quality of the materials you used, and impressed with your attention to detail.  We're very happy with how clean you left everything.  Overall, we are amazed how nice your work is and happy with the top quality of the system, but, most importantly, we are happy that the system is working so well.  Thank You!

Scott & Virginia


Many thanks for the quality install of the radon mitigation system.  As a professional engineer, I have witnessed too many piping systems with poor routings because it was "easy".  I can tell that you take pride in your work through the display of attention to detail!

Wishing you the best and continued success!

Mark K.

Thanks to all your crew for getting us taken care of so fast.  Super job!

Brian S.


You installed a radon system in our home last spring and I never wrote and thanked you for your dedication and commitment to provide a quality product that makes our homes safer.

Thank You!

Angie Dulek & family

P.S.  The system continues to run smoothly.  I also appreciated your kindness in taking the time to answer all my questions and really loved that you made an extra effort and fixed my hall closet shelves so they could be used around the system pipes!  I'd gladly send customers your way!


Thank you for your great service!  I appreciate a vendor who comes when he says that he is going to come, one who is neat and tidy, pleasant, well-organized and efficient.  You definitely meet every criteria!  I also value your educational level and knowledge of your business.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.


Lucia LaRuffa

P.S.  I gave your name to my heating/cooling vendor as people sometimes call him for radon mitigation and he is not certified in that field.  Like you, he is a top-notch vendor.


Thanks for coming out to install the radon system.  We are extremely happy with the outcome.  I have been telling everyone how happy we are.



Customer Reviews from . . .

We wanted radon abatement for our house, which was built about 1972. The type of foundation used when our home was built wasn't constructed with radon abatement in mind, but Daniel Hylland (owner of Athelon) communicated what his company would do and the results we could expect. Our first radon result was 10.4, which was tested by another local company. We ordered a different test (a link on Athelon's website) to confirm the number, which was 7.7 (U.S. EPA acceptable level for indoor radon is <4.0 pCi/L). We had 3 companies review our situation and provide quotes. Athelon's quote was in the middle, about $100 more which was negligible.

The company is certified to perform radon abatement - not all companies are. The owner gave us detailed information regarding: his company, our options (including diagrams), results we could expect and what other customers have experienced. The work was completed in about 1/2 day by a crew of 3 (including the owner). The owner kept us informed from the moment he walked into the house. The house interior was protected and the crew cleaned up after the work was done. (Actually, things looked better after the installation than before they arrived.) The price was very reasonable; the results were excellent. Radon level now down to 0.3 or so.

Dan Hylland was the only one who suggested an interior route could be an option through a closet, into the attic, and through the roof (vs venting it out at essentially ground level and then running the pipe up the side of the house and 18" above the roof, which would be an eyesore).

However, on the day of installation, there were a ton of obstacles that prevented them from starting the internal route right away. But Dan was super thorough and did his due diligence to make the internal route work, which was totally worth it so we don't have a 4" pipe jetting out the side of our house and upward 18" beyond the roof. Athelon did a fantastic job and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

First Dan came to our house (which consists of the 1991 part and an addition built in 1995) to assess the situation and formulate a plan. He explained our options and why he would choose one over the other. A few days later the work started. Everybody was consistently professional, punctual, and efficient; everything was meticulously cleaned up. We have no complaints whatsoever and recommend Athelon Enterprises without reservations.

Outstanding! Did a great job of routing piping through a difficult pathway in order to minimize the pipe showing in living spaces. Very quick. Communicated very well. Very knowledgeable. Cleaned up afterwards. Great rates.

I started this process by doing an in home test with one of those packs you mail in to the labs.  Results came back around the 7's, I believe, which suggests retesting.  I contacted another company that comes highly rated on this site and told them that I just wanted them to test, wasn't interested in having them do the mitigation, as I wanted to have a test professionally done that wasn't going to be biased.

Well, they ended up just coming out and trying to sell me on a $3k mitigation along with plenty of other basement modifications that you could tell were part of their standard sales push from a sales guy that just travelled the area selling, but not doing any of the work.  Well, they ended up leaving me the same in home test I had already used, so I tested and it came back with the same results.

Then after I finally had some time again I figured I'd call Dan at Athelon.  Dan assured me that the tests I used are fairly accurate and that he could come do the constant testing with his $4k machine, but it would cost $100 or something like that.  So I decided to just have him come out and give me a quote.  

This is where you could really see the difference.  Dan, the guy who answered your original call and who you deal with throughout the process is the owner of the company.  That professionalism, experience and no nonsense attitude goes a long ways.  He came out, looked it over.  Told me exactly what they would do and the quote was less than half of what the original quote was for a much better solution.

I signed immediately and he came out about 2 weeks later to take care of it.

When they came out, he arrived just when he said he would at 8:00 and they were done with it all before 11:00.  Installed and running.  He left his fancy continual monitor in the house for the next 3 days and it showed us that the results of the radon mitigation system brought our levels down to .25.  Well below the 4 that is suggested.

I have already suggested him to friends who are considering installing a system as it is nice to finally find a contractor in the area who is professional and affordable!

We are selling our home and the buyer's home inspection turned up an average radon level of 7.8.  Our home was built in NW Rochester, MN in 1992.

We contacted Athelon and Dan replied right away.  He gave us a verbal estimate and then came out to walk the home and give us a written estimate.  I scheduled the service, which they were able to fit in about a week and a half later.

Dan was always prompt to all 3 appointments (estimate, install job & follow-up testing).

Installation day went well.  They showed up at 8:00 AM and were done by about 1:30.  With fitting the system through a closet, through the floor joists, out to the garage, up the wall through some existing shelves, into the ceiling and out the roof, that seemed like a fairly short time to complete the whole project.

Dan discussed his quality of supplies:  schedule 40 PVC, fan system, etc, etc.

The post-install testing came back at 0.7, which is well below the EPA level of 4.0.

I was impressed with the work, quality, speed & clean-up.  Best of all, the testing results!

Dan came out to give an estimate approximately a month before we had our mitigation system installed. We had originally tested with a short term radon test and a long term test. The short term test came back at 0.9 and the long term at 4.5. We decided based on the long term test we should lower our radon levels since we have a young child with a basement bedroom. Dan came out and did our estimate and suggested we retest one more time with a short term test before proceeding in case our levels came back low again. We tested and they came back at 10.5 so we decided to proceed. I thought it was nice of Dan to suggest retesting versus installing a system that may have been unnecessary.

He arrived right on time to install the mitigation system. He and his partner were very professional and installed the system in a few hours. They cleaned up after and you could not even tell they had been in the house other than the new radon system. I thought the system would be hideously ugly but it blends in nicely in our laundry room. Our post mitigation radon levels are 0.5 so the system is working very well. I would recommend Athelon Enterprises for anybody who needs a radon mitigation system.

Great experience with Dan from Athelon.  I purchased a home with radon levels around 17 pCi/L.  Dan explained my options and his recommendation.  He installed an active mitigation system attached to the drain tile and sump pit in the basement.  The exhaust pipe routes up through the garage, and includes a pressure gauge on the pipe so I can quickly verify that the system is running.  The quality of his work is excellent, and the system is unobtrusive and looks as good as a radon system can look.  In the end, the system reduced radon levels to 0.7 pCi/L, well below the EPA's recommendation.  Very satisfied--I highly recommend him!

Dan did the testing and installation, and was always extremely professional and friendly. He was punctual, speedy, and conscientious. He and Mike (also professional and friendly) installed the system beautifully and left the work area cleaner than they found it. This was a very positive experience and they got the radon level down to extremely safe levels (down from extremely unsafe levels!). Don't let Dan's youth fool you...he knows what he's doing. I highly recommend this company!

Teresa – Rochester, MN

Service, quality, price & installation went great. Very professional and knowledgeable about the radon system. He measured the radon levels after installation & met the targets he promised. He swept the garage after leaving! Would definitely recommend him to anyone in the greater Rochester, MN area.

Nathan – Austin, MN

Estimates were obtained from multiple companies before going with Athelon. Of all the installers screened, Dan was the most organized when he came out for an estimate. He seemed very confident, detail-oriented, and well licensed. His pricing was comparable to even a little lower than other companies. He efficiently installed the system with minimal disruption to the existing house and cleaned up well before departing. He guaranteed his work and checked radon levels post installation. I would recommend him to anyone looking for radon remediation.

Khalin – Rochester, MN

Dan was prompt, friendly and professional at all times. We had to reschedule at one point and it was no bother. He called ahead the night before service, showed up right on time, removed his shoes and laid out runners on our floors wherever he had to work. When he was finished, he vacuumed and cleaned up before leaving. I wish all service providers were as considerate. The bill matched the estimate exactly, no hidden fees. The end product is unobtrusive, mostly hidden in out of the way closets. We were impressed with how carefully he drilled through ceramic tile on one floor. When my child looked through from one floor to where he was working, Dan took a minute to entertain the five-year-old boy's conversation. I would recommend Athelon to anyone looking for radon abatement.

Tim – Rochester, MN

Please learn from my earlier mistakes. In 2003 I hired a certified radon mitigation contractor after learning the radon level in my home tested at 36 pCi/L. The contractor I hired in 2003 did not perform any diagnostic tests to see what kind of results could be expected from the installation of his system. After installing that system my radon level was cut in half, but it was still far in excess of the recommended level of 4 pCi/L or less.

In 2007, I hired a different contractor to offer a solution to lower my level. The second contractor I hired (who, like the first, was listed on the Minnesota Dept of Health list of certified mitigators) came in and provided no diagnostic tests, but instead replaced my first fan with a larger unit with the hope that it would do a better job of providing sub-slab suction. The follow-up test revealed my numbers had improved, but still were not acceptable.

After contacting Dan Hylland at Athelon Enterprises, I immediately knew this contractor was different. Dan's first recommendation was to drill a series of test holes to determine the limits of my current system. The testing provided by Athelon determined that my existing system only covered about half of my basement slab. After testing Athelon located the best available point for a second suction point, installed it and re-tested. The tests indicated that negative pressure was seen at all test holes indicating that the results of my next test should be positive.

The work provided by Dan was professional, timely, and neat with great care taken to protect my home's interior floors and stairs from the many trips back and forth from his van. Not only did Athelon improve my radon reduction system he fixed a crooked exhaust pipe on my roof that was installed by my second "certified" contractor.

Don't even consider a contractor who can't provide you with diagnostics, and if you are looking for a fast, friendly, cost effective installer Athelon Enterprises should be your first and only call.

Kris – Red Wing, MN

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